Artist Ciara Phillips is inviting people from across Liverpool to take part in Press Room, a participatory project using the daily newspapers and online sources, to make a day-by-day record of press coverage leading up to 29th March, the date set for Britain to exit Europe.

A dedicated room in Crosby Library has become a space for daily observations, cutting, pasting, scanning and copying a wide range of news material. For some sessions, Ciara is joined by Amber Akaunu, Fauziya Johnson and Mark Simmonds, who are contributing other perspectives on the process. By the end of March a hardbound book documenting the month of news ‘as-it-happened’ by the people involved will be printed as a record for Crosby Library.

This is an opportunity to record and witness the UK’s news coverage as the month progresses. If you are interested in politics, journalism, communications or art, design and typography, this could be a project for you.

Press Room will run throughout March (from 1st-30th) and will be open from Monday – Saturday from 10am – 1pm.

About the artist
Turner-Prize nominated artist Ciara Phillips produces expanded print projects often made in collaboration with groups on issues to do with the political self. Her exhibition Workshop (2010–ongoing), held at The Showroom, London (2013) created a studio within the gallery where she made prints every day, often working experimentally with community groups and other artists and designers. She has shown in the 21st Biennale of Sydney and Glasgow International 2018. In 2014 she was shortlisted for the Turner Prize for her solo exhibition at The Showroom, London.A

Press Room is commissioned by The Human Library, a collaborative arts programme in two library settings: Bootle and Crosby, which serves the communities of Waterloo, Seaforth & Litherland. Founded by Producer and Curator Maria Brewster, the project’s philosophy is that everyone has “gifts of the heart, the hand and the head” to offer their community, based on John McKnight’s theories of asset-based community development.